A few months ago, one of the junior engineers at my office expressed his difficulty in understanding a technical concept. The topic in question was very much part of the technology I work on, so I volunteered to explain. After a brief exchange of ideas, and explanation, I smiled and said, “this is what I understand of this subject as of today. After a few years, if you ask me about the same, I may give a different answer.”

The boy gave a smile broader than mine. He was probably a bit surprised with that ending note of mine. I, however, frankly feel that is undoubtedly the best of all my answers during the course of that discussion – it is because what we know at this moment may not be what it completely is.

‘Knowledge’ is one of those rare and beautiful creations of  the Supreme that is, at the same time, infinite and deep – in that sense, it is continuous; and it has also maintained the continuity of human life giving it the impetus. Man has always wanted to know, know more and more and more. If those who came to this world before us had concluded what they knew was final, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

But practically, how to know more and more? Well, the solution is very simple – One just needs to understand that what one knows is not what it ONLY is. The key is to remain “open” to this subtle fact.


6 thoughts on “Principle of Continuity

  1. learning process never stops… from the day we are born we learn something new everyday till our last day. Everyday makes us a little wiser; yes it arrives to the fact, “knowledge is continuous”… a good thought Hari.. Think we can expect more such posts from you…

    But there is one Author whom I am particularly crazy abt, after one of my friend introduced his book to me… Richard Bach, he says, “Learning is finding out what you already know”. This sounds more like “discovery and invention”… with more food to thought, leaving your page, will be back when your next post appear… Bye.

  2. Nice article Hari.

    Knowledge is infinite. Poet Auvaiyar has been so true in saying
    “What you have learned is a mere handful;
    What you haven’t learned is the size of the world”.

    The more we know, the more we feel we have
    lots of things that we still need to know and this feeling of inadequacy is always there, how much ever we learn.

    Keep writing Hari, i like reading your articles which has a subtle touch of humour.

  3. Good and thoughtful post taken from common incident.

    We think, we might understood everything but the things are never so. Going deeper gives us deeper understanding.

    The curiosity to learn and experiment of human race will cease only when man himself ceases. This curiosity moves the human evolution.

    Keep up the good work

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