When I had completed my last article, Principle of Continuity, I had a feeling it was half-done. So, I am using this opportunity to talk more on that.

Coming back to where I ended last time, what is the secret of gaining knowledge? What is the meaning of being open to it? The key to knowledge is… the want to know…the urge…the thirst…well, I could use a better word for it.

A personal example is always easy to  convey, whether it is apt or not. Through my college days until now, people have always opined that I am a person with good communication abilities supported by very good language skills. Whether it is true or not, what has been really funny to me is  the fact that some of them think that it all has come so naturally to me. That is surely not true. There has been more to it :)

If you have watched the film, ‘ A Beautiful Mind’, it would be easier to get the message. The director of that film expresses John Nash’s single-mindedness so beautifully through the scenes that show Nash seeing mathematical formulae just everywhere. In fact, one should “almost” be like that professor. And here is that better word – ‘consciousness.’

One should always be conscious about what one wants to do or gain. It would be quite surprising to yourselves if you calmly retrospect how you achieved a particular thing in life. You would have probably been conscious.

I can still remember the days of struggle of a dear ‘burly’ friend who wanted to become thin. She consistently tried many methods to achieve her targets. After a month’s strenuous efforts, she would fail, but undaunted she would start again. Finally, she achieved her mission. I once asked her the secret of  her success – She told that she was always conscious. Whenever there was an article on weight loss, she cared to read and implement, whenever a sweet was offered to her, she took care to refuse it, whenever there was a TV show related to the topic, she watched and followed the means and more than anything she found out that the secret was to lose the desire to eat and eat just for the sake of living.

Well, one can score off saying ‘Ah, this everyone knows.’ – But one who actually knows is one who has gained that knowledge by being ‘conscious’. It is with the same retrospect that I talk about how I managed to get my English in place(at least to a great extent). I realized I have always been conscious – whenever i get to see or read or listen to the language, my sensory tentacles had been active. Then, ideas and methods are just a consequence.

That’s that. The purpose of this article is also to just point the key to practically acquiring knowledge. And I suppose, it has been presented. By the way, surely watch ‘A Beautiful Mind’ if you haven’t!


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