We have had this kind of discussion before, me and Aparna. Isn’t life too boring? Then Aparna starts off. “I always wanted to open a restaurant.” She would melt down if she heard someone was hungry, to the extent of leaving you doubtful about her overwhelming feelings. But, after a couple of years of knowing her, I understood she indeed reflected her feelings. So, starting a food shop was a natural choice for her.

What did I want to do? Well, I never had a clear goal. Clarity is an attribute that is a gift of a few rare minds. Others have to strive for attaining it. I belonged to the latter type. I never thought about starting a business all by myself, but sure had few part time business ideas. On my turn, I replied: “Well, I want to become a full-time writer”.

This discussion went on, with our ride getting smoother as we reached the outskirts of the city. The roads are more peaceful on Sundays, and that gives us more mental space to have such empty chats. We could do the same chattering at home, but thoughts don’t come so freely as they come during a ride. 

At home, we always have the next item dangling over our heads. And, also, we are like the frog-in-the-well for 5 days of a week with saturdays allocated for pending chores. We see our problems, we think about our work, ourselves, at a microscopic well. We don’t open out. We don’t talk about the latest attempts of human innovation to gain instant popularity – like staging a hunger strike to split a nice big state, we don’t get to think of the current societal issues, we fail to talk about more important things like the climate summit in CopenHagen, how can we form a part in saving earth and ourselves, not to forget our jibes at how poorly movies can be made, et al.,

Coming back to the ride, there is nothing but the following: constant movement, clean road ahead, left-over greenery on the sides. The more consistent the velocity, the more flowing are the thoughts. Our discussion digresses, deviates and takes random routes as that of our car’s. We also recollect and smile and laugh, at some of the fun we had in our recent past.

However, Aparna and I finally wonder if we want to miss all this nice talking and laughing and fun trips at the cost of of challenging risky ventures that could wound us up by even harder strings of responsibilities. We realize all such high plans where we began at, are only emotional fantasies. We are so happy for the 5-day work culture that is less crazy. We rather bet on taking smaller goals to work on, one at a time.  

So, our next goal is to reduce our power bill at least by three hundred rupees in the next payment cycle, hence save precious energy.


3 thoughts on “five day someone

  1. Wonderful! a very natural flow of thoughts :)
    Many a times, I see myself in your words, in all that you say or write (have I told you that before?)

  2. wonderful post Hari… distant dreams and immediate goals is something everyone can relate to. I know this is a safer bet and easy thing to stick to, as dreams demands lots of time, energy and money to build up on. Nice flow!

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