Phew… What a hot day! Thank God…I found this banyan tree. I was just about to be burnt down to ‘free-meat’. This tree is surely a Godsend. And this place, wow, really nice and calm. There are a lot of people here, but surprisingly, it is free from pollution! I think I can remain here for some time.

Hmmm! The view of the place is excellent too. The road beside the tree is paved and clean. On the other side of the road are big palatial houses, each one secured by a lining of trees along their walls. And sprawling gardens and a lot of place to stroll!  On the back of those splendid erections, is the seashore; and farther ahead, the sea.

 When I reflect a bit more, I feel Mother Earth, in this part of the world, is a manifestation of beauty. Apart from Mother Nature, there seems to be another beauty in one of those bungalows, sitting by the window of her room. She is at some distance, but I can make out that she is surely a pretty young maiden. Such things never miss my eyes. “Things of beauty are joy for ever”.

What a great abode she has, to live in! This heat won’t affect her beauty. The sea breeze will always come to her rescue. When she breathes in some air, she’ll have ‘freshness’ at her doorsteps. Now, who is the other plump lady? Must be her mother. Ah! She has also brought her so many goodies to eat. How much I miss my mother, her love and such lovely food from her hands?

See this wretched myself! An orphaned vagabond, struggling for every morsel of food. I wish I were that girl!

Oops! Let me be gone to the meadows, else I would miss my lunch today too.


 Another terrible day, I am sure.  From the moment I turned 21, I have become a show-piece at the parties…for the blue-blooded customers. And being an enchanting piece is all the more embarrassing. I wonder why I were ever born like this; born with all the riches, born with all the beauty, but born without freedom.

I am feeling depressed. . If it weren’t for these smiling flowers, the flushing greens, the noble trees and the waves echoing my feelings, I would have long been dead out of seclusion. Gosh! footsteps….Save me God, it is the wily step-mother again.

Come on, eat your lunch quickly and get ready for the party” .

Ah! She has started off again, like a record player, ever jarring. Perhaps, my ears have become immune to the noise. Or probably my ears have gone numb by now.

“Cooh!Cooh!” …. Did someone hear me? Hmm..a humming cuckoo sitting on the branches of the road-side banyan tree ? Is it telling me something?

Sigh! Oh God you could have made me a cuckoo too? I could sing, I could fly anywhere, and not reply to anyone!


The cuckoo has soared high into the skies.

God, please, please, let me fly too“.

It was one of my trips to our village. My grandpa took us all to the banks of the river Harishchandra for
the morning ablutions. The orange ball of the sky, the glittering water surface and the busy white
cranes, all at the same place at the same time. I stood spellbound. I rather thought I was dead and had been
brought to heaven. However, of all the things that caught my attention, the other side of the river appeared
more attractive.  I went straight to my grandpa.

 “Thatha! Can we go there?”, I gestured.

My grandpa smiled. “Why kid?”

“The other side looks greener..”

He smiled again.

“The other side always looks greener. But it’s all the same, child. All the same!”


2 thoughts on “Why is envy green?

  1. hmmm… what do ppl say… every coin has two sides? your love for nature and your love for uh! beautiful women ;) is explicit…
    What a splendid way to start my day… reading your post brought a wistful smile to my tired face!
    Keep spreading the smiles Hari… Well done!!

  2. lovely imagery…reminded me a bit of Oru puliyamarathin kathai by s.ramasamy….said this before, you have a wonderful flow..there is not a single forced thought or intervention of a unwanted line…great work…u should read the book i have mentioned..

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