Quite recently I decided not to be judgmental about people and their actions until I am sure of those, so sure like one plus one is two. Even if I think I have all the information, how can I be so definite I have all of it? And why the heck should I comment on something I am not asked about?

“Hey, you know why he did that? I can tell you.”

“He needs this pain. After all, he shouldn’t have taken that stupid action!”

“Arey! why did you take such a drastic decision? I already knew it. See who is suffering now.”

Well, in the story of the father, son and the mule, most of the time, we play the fourth part – the public, and utter nonsense. We say this is right, that is wrong, this is stupid, that is wise based on our self-woven reasonings. 

If someone took a particular step, he has his own bloody reasons to do that, and needn’t convince others like how the father of the story desperately tried to. The person is right in his own way, just like you are right in yours. That’s it.

Anyway, I thank the Divine Mother for putting me in the father’s role in a few recent occasions. That was probably Her way of making me wiser and mature.


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