An extreme instance of any act can evoke one of the two things – shock & surprise or laughter. Let me consider only the latter!

For example, as simple as ‘yawning’. We don’t laugh every time someone yawns. But, if our dear friend wakes up the whole colony or the nearby jungle by letting out a ‘oeowewewwwwww’ Tarzanic yawn, we surely can’t control ourselves.

The case above is straightforward. If your mind is open to things around, you can find more – like how I was amused lately at ways people used our office printer.

Most often train tickets are the subject of print-out matter; some take print-outs of their mails to review their how written skills; a few want to go home and look at their tax liabilities in peace, and so take print-outs of their salary sheets. Fine.

Recently – thanks to the fact that the printer stood near our bay – I heard that my team mates found print-outs of offer letters from other companies!

What I enjoyed the most however was when one of my colleagues, learning that I have come to office on a weekend, called and asked me to take copies of his train tickets (just 2 sheets!!), which he would collect in person later. Now, I consider this the best example of ‘resource utilization’ till date!! ;)


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