These days I try best not to express myself when I am emotionally charged up, be it out of anger or of joy; because I have managed to learn that whatever pours out in a state of excitement isn’t always what I really felt about something. I have been trying to apply this discipline to my writing attempts also, as I tend to forget the plot or stray away from it, if my feelings are brimming over.
Since last night though, I have been badly wanting to write my next blog, and ironically, I was very emotional. My hero Sachin Tendulkar had just scored his 50th century, and if there was any way I could offer my hero worship, it was through my writing.

I was literally glued to the television all evening, the tempo of my heart-beats hitting new scales every hour as he was approaching the milestone, until his 100th run came up. Wow, what a moment to cherish. How many such moments has he given his fans like me all these years, and this was another memorable one! Fighting sleep till midnight, I kept on switching between all English news channels I could reach to, just to listen my man being showered with accolades for his another new feat.

Just before hitting the bed however, when my senses were much calmer, I started wondering what uniquely I could jot about him; there would already be dozens of columns providing statistical data, some history, or interesting anecdotes, and every other thing about Sachin. Yet, I realized there was something else for which I, a normal unknown Indian, would like to pay tribute on.

People may say he is after records, he has not delivered in times of need, he isn’t the real match winner-stuff, but one has to ponder over what he has done beyond those limited boundaries of a cricket ground.

He has been a youth icon. He has been a subject of case study for those who seek to achieve. Even in the current Indian team, at least for half of it, he has been the inspiration to take to cricket. Sehwag so openly stated that he was here only because of Sachin. Now for that single reason, “the learning material” that he is, I pay my salute.

A few months ago, we had one leadership training camp conducted by my organization. In of his sessions, the trainer was talking about successful people and put a question to the audience as what made them so. Just to make the discussion active, Sachin was taken as an example and a few of us gave our replies for why he was successful. Finally the trainer said ‘It is simple; Successful people have been doing the same thing consistently all through their career.”

Probably, he implied ‘passion’ as the prime-mover, but I wasn’t convinced about such a conclusion, at least with Sachin in the context. My answer the other day to him was, and still is: “He always thought he wasn’t yet good enough.
Yes, passion is surely a requisite to be successful, but it can help one travel only some distance. What could take one beyond that, is the feeling that one should still do better. If I could pick one thing from Sachin, of all good qualities, it is this. This humble attitude, in my  little opinion, is the one that separates a legend from the greatest and the great.

Sachin Tendulkar is a legend.


4 thoughts on “A legend

  1. Anna,

    “I have managed to learn that whatever pours out in a state of excitement isn’t always what I really felt about something. ” – Great one.

    I feel what I have mentioned above most times, but I let it overwhelm me. Learning to manage that.

    ” as I tend to forget the plot or stray away from it, if my feelings are brimming over.” – I have felt it many times, Before even start writing something, I used think a lot about the subject with much excitement, and finally I would write not even more than two lines regarding that. :)

    He always thought he wasn’t yet good enough – Good One.

  2. Basically any person who follows Work is Workship principle is bound to rise up in life.Be it Sachin,Obama,AR or Abdul Kalam.It would be great if you find such people in and around u and write about them..Because everybody knows abt Sachin,writing about him is not new :)

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