When I wrote last time that there is so much to find and know, it means not alone broadly, but also deeply.

For instance, let’s take something as simple as a ‘language’. While there are so many languages to learn on one hand, there is so much to know about the concept of ‘language’ itself – how a language could have come into being, what are the different requirements of a language, what are the base constructs, and even what is well beyond its origin. Well, if one gets idea about the latter, learning another new language becomes easier.

And, I have also realized quite a few times that whatever I have comprehended till recently wasn’t correct or wasn’t final. I have been surprised sometimes how I had been misunderstood about certain principles – be it academic, moral or otherwise – in a very different way. And this very much applied to people.

I have been very careful these days not to assess anyone by what others tell, or even what I think about that person. I have, at least half-successfully, tried my best to restrict my conclusions, unless I myself have a direct chance of relating to that person – professionally or personally. Even after that, I try to just note down my interpretations and not come to a judgement.

While this finding continues, I am eternally indebted to my guru for providing the way to clarity on even the most subtle and seemingly minutest things.


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