Toilet cleaning, Bollywood & Blogging!

One should never ignore the  "sometimes I have this feeling" moments. Such instances rather warrant deep attention from your being, because those generally strike your mind when you are peaceful - the surrounding is serene, after a sumptuous weekend meal, in a still night, or most often when you are in the restroom. And, you would … Continue reading Toilet cleaning, Bollywood & Blogging!


Mouna Raagam turns 30!

There was recently a beautiful post in FB (see below) about Mouna Raagam turning 30. This was incidentally from The Hindu, which has been providing good coverage around this anniversary, recently adorned by a beautiful interview with Revathi on their news site. One would agree these are smart folks, in choosing not just any, but THE right … Continue reading Mouna Raagam turns 30!