Going to school

"Late, Late!", exclaimed Mrs.Madhuri as Aravind made his way up the staircase with his tiny, carefully-placed steps. Her house was duplex-type, beautiful, artistic. One could sense it was built with good care and attention. It was the mezzanine floor,  which Aravind was proceeding to, converted into a small play-school area. As any other parents we … Continue reading Going to school

Me, Myself, No Irene

(Written almost 6 years ago...revised for the present.) Impatient and restless - qualities that are very characteristic of me, qualities very familiar; and, 'Familiarity breeds contempt'. I understand how true the statement is. Now, I have a refreshing feeling when I am out of these known sensations. I welcome this calmness that visits me rarely. I … Continue reading Me, Myself, No Irene