‘Baala’ Dharma

A whiff of fresh air blew on Ravi's face as he stood at his balcony staring at the broad, endless mist-covered sky. He was half asleep, his mind blank, but his senses were quite wary of the breeze, and the wideness. Ravi wanted to do this many a morning - rise early, open the verandah … Continue reading ‘Baala’ Dharma


Free Element

 "Oof! ...." Shankar woke up with a jerk. Sweat rolled down all over his face and he was already bathed in perspiration. He couldn't sleep anymore. His table fan was still. Was it a power-cut?  He banged the old piece in a fit of rage.    "Damn it! These bloody EB (Electricity Board) fellows..sadists!"  But he … Continue reading Free Element

The Rajachar

As Srinivasan walked down the lane, the entire neighbourhood seemed to notice the sexagenarian. Why wouldn't they? The person doing the promenade was one of the icons of Indian journalism. One of those Indians who managed to add many feathers to his cap - colourful feathers! Last week his autobiography was released and it exceeded … Continue reading The Rajachar