Going to school

"Late, Late!", exclaimed Mrs.Madhuri as Aravind made his way up the staircase with his tiny, carefully-placed steps. Her house was duplex-type, beautiful, artistic. One could sense it was built with good care and attention. It was the mezzanine floor,  which Aravind was proceeding to, converted into a small play-school area. As any other parents we … Continue reading Going to school


Theory of Relatability

A couple of months ago, Aparna and I visited Dakshina Chitra on the ECR. We had no clue that there was an art exhibition of the famous artist K.Madhavan (http://sites.google.com/site/indiancalendarart/kmadhavan) that weekend. Although we had gone there with a different idea, in the end, however, we were sure that the take away out of that trip was a visual treat that the exhibition … Continue reading Theory of Relatability

Me, Myself, No Irene

(Written almost 6 years ago...revised for the present.) Impatient and restless - qualities that are very characteristic of me, qualities very familiar; and, 'Familiarity breeds contempt'. I understand how true the statement is. Now, I have a refreshing feeling when I am out of these known sensations. I welcome this calmness that visits me rarely. I … Continue reading Me, Myself, No Irene

Free Element

 "Oof! ...." Shankar woke up with a jerk. Sweat rolled down all over his face and he was already bathed in perspiration. He couldn't sleep anymore. His table fan was still. Was it a power-cut?  He banged the old piece in a fit of rage.    "Damn it! These bloody EB (Electricity Board) fellows..sadists!"  But he … Continue reading Free Element


During the 90s, when the scandals of cricket were still looming large under the ground, and blind craziness for the game was at its peak, I was another mesmerized guy who could afford to spend time on it for hours together. And what else could least disturb our nerves than a India-Pak tie? Not even … Continue reading Success

Extreme instances

An extreme instance of any act can evoke one of the two things - shock & surprise or laughter. Let me consider only the latter! For example, as simple as 'yawning'. We don't laugh every time someone yawns. But, if our dear friend wakes up the whole colony or the nearby jungle by letting out a 'oeowewewwwwww' Tarzanic yawn, … Continue reading Extreme instances

Identity Crisis

'Identity Crisis' is like a slow poison. The crisis takes time, but once it happens, it is very difficult to get rid of it. And it can be self-caused or externally induced. Self-Caused: You miss one marriage event. You have a reason. You miss it a second time; you still have a reason. You miss a third … Continue reading Identity Crisis